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HQ Digs: Airbnb’s New Australian Headquarters Dazzle

Introducing HQ Digs, Swagr’s recurring feature highlighting the cool pads and sweet offices of your favorite tech companies. If you would like company’s office feature

Introducing HQ Digs, Swagr’s recurring feature highlighting the cool pads and sweet offices of your favorite tech companies. If you would like company’s office feature on Startup Digs, contact tips@swagr.com.


Everything from an AFL football field to a gay pride bathroom, Australia’s new Airbnb headquarters has it all… and then some. Opened in early 2016 in Sydney, the new space is home to the company’s rapidly growing Australian market. Each room was conceived by local designers The Bold Collective, and has been transformed into Airbnb listings to represent places around the world. A Hollywood diner. Mardi Gras shower rooms (with a massive flamingo in one, a giant pride flag in the other). A Kangaroo Valley lounge. A Havana dining room. And more.
Here are some select images of Airbnb’s awesome new Aussie abode:

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Light, bright: Each room reflects listings around the world.

317FE69900000578-3461511-Airbnb_was_voted_as_number_one_for_the_best_place_to_work_in_201-a-18_1456295607105 317FEA4D00000578-3461511-The_space_is_open_plan_with_a_spacious_beach_style_cafe_kitchen_-a-24_1456295607502 317FEA4200000578-3461511-Turn_of_the_century_wood_panelling_from_salvaged_fence_posts_fro-a-16_1456295607103 317FEA6500000578-3461511-image-a-51_1456292192356 317FEA6900000578-3461511-image-a-61_1456292293604 317FEA8100000578-3461511-image-a-34_1456291949191 317FEA8500000578-0-image-a-24_1456290406511

Rainbow Pride: This LGBT bathroom paints a garish, albeit colorful, picture.



Gentlemen only: This bathroom was designed as a men’s club / whiskey lounge.

317FECD700000578-3461511-image-a-19_1456295607105 317FECE800000578-0-image-a-22_1456290285237

No startup or tech company is complete without some sort of gaming element to release stress.


So much for transparency: This clever bookcase hides an office.


Wood you? Dark and light wood tones elevate this dining space / conference room.
317FECFF00000578-3461511-image-a-15_1456295607102 317FED3B00000578-3461511-image-a-73_1456292693038 317FED3F00000578-3461511-image-a-20_1456295607148

Play ball: Airbnb’s new digs are a nod to Australia’s AFL fandom.

317FED2000000578-3461511-The_final_touches_have_just_been_completed_and_Airbnb_employees_-a-21_1456295607154 317FED3200000578-3461511-Airbnb_s_rooms_are_all_inspired_by_listings_on_the_platform_to_s-a-32_1456295608427

Private working spaces are key to any tech office. This one feels like a capsule hotel room. We love it.


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