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The Best Joggers – Ever!

Hey, remember the world's most amazing hoodie? Well, American Giant has done it again, but this time, they've set their sights out for joggers. That's right,

Hey, remember the world’s most amazing hoodie? Well, American Giant has done it again, but this time, they’ve set their sights out for joggers. That’s right, the company that’s got the Midas touch for making unbelievably comfortable cozy clothes is giving it all they got for you to be just as amazed by their brand of joggers. Their efforts are not in vein, because, according to American Giant, the sweatpants are selling out fast. 


Consider this, the black version of the jogger is almost completely out of stock, and the company has had to add more colors just to meet the demand. even though a few more neutral colors were added to meet the demand, the company is expecting them to disappear just as quickly. This may be the just the statement American Giant was looking for to let the rest of the industry know that their athleisure longevity is here to stay.

But what’s so great about these pantalons? The answer lies somewhere between functionality and flattering design. These joggers are 100% fall season appropriate. The are perfect for chilly mornings, lightweight enough to get you through midday high temperatures and make an ideal transition back to cooler evening weather. They are designed to hold their shape, and still feel soft to the touch. Best of all, this piece sports an ankle cuff that gives off the same flattering illusion as wearing skinny jeans.

Lastly, our favorite thing about these joggers is the price. With high-end sportswear present at your local sports apparel retailers just as much as it is on fashion week runways, it’s nearly impossible to get a well-made pair of joggers for less than a hundred bucks. But, American Giant knocked it out of the park with a price tag of $59. Given the popularity of the American Giant hoodies, we have a feeling these are the kind of pants you’re going to want to live in.

To see the full available inventory of American Giant joggers, click here.

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