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Hotel Swag Goes Hollywood

Everybody knows that the best free stuff comes from hotels. One weekend five-star stay can amount to a month's worth of shampoo and lotion, for

Everybody knows that the best free stuff comes from hotels. One weekend five-star stay can amount to a month’s worth of shampoo and lotion, for some people. We aren’t pointing any fingers and sure not raising any hands, either.

Hotel swag, which supposedly began with Hampton Inn amenities back in the 1980s, can sometimes be the coolest stuff ever. Did you know that when you stay at Boston’s Hotel Commonwealth you can now get baseball’s highest prize, a real World Series trophy delivered to your Fenway Park Suite? Selfie Alert! According to Bloomberg.com upon arrival at the Ritz Hotel, Madrid you can find immensely heavy, yet fluffy bathrobes already monogrammed for you. At the Shangri-La Maldives, guests are given mobile phones to facilitate moving around the property; also the number of their private butler is preprogrammed. And now, the nation’s capitol wants in on the swag brag.


The Next Whiskey Bar inside The Watergate Hotel

After a nine year shutdown, Washington’s infamous Watergate Hotel has now reopened its doors.  The relaunch also comes with a $200 million renovation price tag. But from all accounts, one stay, or even drink at the  Next Whisky Bar is well worth the investment. Watergate is sexy, again. The hotel has a Gucci marble-lined ballroom, panoramic views of the Potomac, and gold, lots, and lots of gold.


Our favorite thing in the Watergate Hotel, hands down, has got to be the umbrella. Bloomberg.com describes it best; tucked into the closet in every hotel room, it features seven sketches of the Watergate’s high-styled staff: red-and-gray windowpane dresses that the female Whisky Bar servers wear; fitted suits with the Watergate’s signature rectangular check worn by the men at the front desk; and, my favorite, handsome double-breasted black topcoats and homburg hats worn by the bellmen. The best part is that the $35 umbrella is expertly designed by Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant


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